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A way of doing things / a motive / a manner / a value.

Latin by origin, multilingual and multipurpose in use, now the name of an exciting new platform from Austrian powerhouse collaboration Mefjus and Camo & Krooked.

Launching April 22, 2022, the label will be a platform for the trio’s highly decorated and ever-developing body of collaborative work that began in 2017 with the collaboration ‘Mandala’ on Camo & Krooked’s last album ‘Mosaik.’

Key collaborative releases on labels such as UKF, Hospital Records and Vision Recordings all followed, each one compounding the trio’s shared energy and creative approach. MODUS is the next step and will be the home for all Mefjus and Camo & Krooked material moving forward, including their work as stand-alone acts.

Joining forces and putting everything together into one mission, MODUS launches with ‘Overture’, the trio’s seventh production (eight including their remix of Sub Focus) Already a key track for the trio, it’s a vibrant piece of positive, uplifting drum & bass that’s built up around one single arpeggiator to create a rising sense of triumph throughout.

Like all their previous music, it explores a different sound and style to the three artists whose main aim is to step up to new creative and technical challenges and solve fresh puzzles with every production.

With the productions piling up between the three of them, due to their extensive time off-road because of global club and event closures since 2020, we can expect plenty consistency and high quality in both output and release rate.

MODUS: A way of doing things. A way of life. A new way forward into the future for one of the most exciting and high-profile drum & bass
collaborations in recent years… 


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